Pitt Cue Co: Authentic American BBQ under a bridge

If you’re ambling around the London Eye, and wonder past the street performers who probably wouldn’t get through the first round of Britain’s got Talent, you will see a silver trailer under Hungerford Bridge in which the Pitt Cue Co. are residing for the next couple of months.

In this vessel, they are cooking up some mean authentic American barbecue dishes. There are only a few dishes on the menu but this is definitely quality over quantity. They are serving Gloucester Old Spot pulled pork, salt beef brisket,  pork ribs, rotisserie chicken and sometimes chicken wings. Most of these dishes have been spice-rubbed, smoked over hickory and slow-cooked over ten hours. You choose one of these “proteins” and then decide between BBQ beans or ‘Slaw. You also get a some pickles and a chunk of grilled bread. This will cost you £7, which I think is great value for the effort and love that has gone into making these dishes.

I would also recommend trying a “Pickleback with skin”. This is a shot of Bourbon, then a shot of pickle juice, and then you nibble on the “skin” which is some lovely and crisp pork crackling. It definitely wakes you up! The Pickleback is an old tradition that was created in Brooklyn or some say the deep south of America. But wherever it originated, I love the originality and ingenuity of the guy who runs the Pitt Cue Co, because something like the Pickleback is a perfect marketing tool, where customers and especially food bloggers love spreading the word for this kind of thing, but first and foremost it is fun to do and gets your friends and family involved!

When I was there, they had run out of salt beef brisket and pork ribs, so I went for the pulled pork with ‘slaw. I was really impressed with the flavours, I thought it was going to bash me over the head with typical BBQ flavours you get at other American joints in England, but this had a touch of spiciness and the balance of the spices used really made it a moreish, flavoursome dish. The pork was incredibly tender and went really well with the ‘slaw, but when I go again I would definitely get the BBQ beans, because I tried a nibble of my buddy’s and they echoed my sentiments of the pork, well spiced and not too over-powering. You also get a grilled chunk of freshly made bread which  is great for mopping up any juices or scooping.

I can’t wait to go back to try the salt beef brisket, pork ribs and rotisserie chicken!


Great value, and as close as you’re going to get to authentic American BBQ fare this side of the pond. £7 for the food, and then a touch more for a couple of local ales.

Pitt Cue Co. 

Under Hungerford Bridge (2 Mins from London Eye)
Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX

Open 1pm – 10pm(ish) 7 days a week

Note: They do run out of certain dishes sometimes, so you will have to try your luck or go more than once! But it won’t disappoint (if it does, a pickleback’s on me*)

Follow them on Twitter: @PittCueCo

*This statement is not legally binding 😉


8 thoughts on “Pitt Cue Co: Authentic American BBQ under a bridge

  1. You have to go back for the beans. They are so good, I came home and made mine own version as soon as I could…

    I was too chicken to try the pickleback though!

    • I will def go back. Just looked at your beans recipe. I will have to try that out, they look delicious!

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  3. This place is top of my list to try over the next couple of weeks – the pulled pork and beans sound utterly incredible and I’ve read so many rave reviews. Love your pictures too – they’re making me hungry as I type!

  4. I really enjoyed the Pickleback, although we were devastated that they had run out of scratchings! That said, it is still a poor relation to the excellent Pale Ale from The Kernel.
    Excellent point about stuff running out. It happened to us last week, but then it did make us try some other dishes so it wasn’t such a bad thing.

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